Setting the Stage for the 21st Century Dominance Part II

In the last blog post, we discussed the emerging competition between the established superpower, U.S., and the emerging superpower, China.  Many are speculating that in the coming years China will become the largest economy in the world and consequently more influential than U.S. in geopolitics. I raised the point that if U.S. makes the kinds […]

Setting the Stage for the 21st Century Dominance Part I

Setting the Stage for the 21st Century Dominance Part I

As congress gets into the later stages of debate on whether to pass the Biden economic agenda, it is worth taking a pause and thinking about what’s at stake here. America is the world’s dominant super power and has been for quite some time. China is now a legitimate rival due to the total size […]

Evolution of US healthcare system: Part V

In our last installment of this series, I’d like to review some of the ongoing changes in our healthcare system and their potential impact on how healthcare is practiced in US. First, health insurance exchanges are meant to provide everyone an opportunity to have health insurance. On the surface, this might suggest increased costs to […]

Evolution of US Healthcare System: Part IV

So, now you are the US government, the number of people in Medicare is increasing and they live longer and get better and more expensive treatments for their heart disease, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s and you have to pay for all of it. Economic growth is around 2-3% annually, which means the tax revenue coming in […]

Evolution of US Healthcare System: Part III

Well, it looks like big trouble for the governments who committed to providing healthcare to some or all of their population. After all, who could have predicted all of the expensive advances that would be made in diagnostics and therapeutics? How governments began to deal with this depended on how their population were insured. In […]

Evolution of US Healthcare System: Part II

So, now everyone is living longer thanks to improved quality of life and better medicines. That’s a good thing, right? Well, yes and no. Longer life expectancy and more active life means higher productivity, thus higher GDP and a bigger economy that can employ more people and creates more tax revenues for governments. That’s good […]

Evolution of US Healthcare System: Part I

With all of the talk of healthcare reform and very turbulent launch of Health Insurance Exchanges, it’s time to step back and ask: How did we get here? Today’s debate about how people should be insured and how healthcare should be provided is the result of historic trends that are intersecting at this moment in […]